Friday, January 13, 2017

The Scrapyard (November 2009)

I'm way up in Harbor Springs, Michigan at Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters, a cool weekend 'retreat' where some of us are here to teach and some are here to learn and all are here to write a song in 72 hours. John Lamb gives everyone very evocative songwriting assignments and then we're off to the races, in the time-spaces in between presenting (and attending) the classes and the meals and the hanging and connecting and reconnecting and walking along the lake as the sun sets and the sky explodes into pinks and greys. I was here teaching 3 years ago. I'm happy to be back. But I'm a fairly slow writer. Some songs fall into my lap quickly. They are rare. Mostly I wrack my soul in torment over a song until its done, staying up late into the night if a song catches me and puts me into a vice grip, not allowing sleep nor conversation nor any coherent way of walking through my life until the damn thing is done with me and I can emerge, spent, from my cocoon haze of writing. Even the sucky songs do this. And believe me, if someone is challenging me to write a song in 48 hours, then 75% of the time it is gonna land on the suck side of the fence. But those songs, the ugly children, deserve to come out too and I do my best to finish them, warts, crap cliches, stolen melodies and all. This one is emerging from the stone of my tired tired brain. I'm dragging on few hours of sleep and so far, I've turned over 3 different styles of how to approach this song. I started in 1930s Disney. Then went to 1970s Townes. Now I'm hanging out in Grey's Anatomy-soundtrack land. I think I'll stay here, cause I don't tend to write in the key of pop.

I should be asleep. But its taken hold, this damned song, hooky piece of stinky pile of poo that it is so far. Like a soursweet mountain of rubbage, I'm hoping if I keep digging, I'll find something useful.

Had to write something other than rhyme for a bit to get me out of the lyric for a bit. I'm reading to put on the fins and mask again.....

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