Friday, January 13, 2017

And then...The Sun Shines Through The Clouds... (June 2010)

And just for those of you that might have thought I was complaining.

I proffer Example A. Please refer to the chart to your left.

I had a cancellation from a "Nationally-Known Club" too late to fill with another booking from a Nationally Known Club leaving me gigless on a weekend night, which is where I make my living (do these Nationally Known Clubs even CARE that this is how we make our living? or do they think by the sheer choosing of this kind of thing as our living we are batshit crazy and deserve to go penniless on a Friday just from sheer lunacy?).

I send an email out to my dear Fanlist, expecting nothing. A fan that's a fan because a fan, who was a woman just showing up at a gig one night who became a fan, then a super fan then dragged her own friend who became a super fan, who then proselytized to all of her friends which eventually led to someone, basically a stranger, emailing, bravely, to say "hey, I can do this. You have an open night. Let me try to host a House Concert" and only 4 days later, Voila, a House Concert with amazingly cool people who listen and respond and talk back and we are all exchanging this great energy and its vastly different from last night's apathy and my faith is renewed not just in people but in music as a builder.

And as the last guest left, saying, "I never knew these kinds of things existed. Call me converted" I realized how happy I am in a stranger's home who is now no stranger but a friend.

Don't tell me a song can't change the world. One basement at a time.

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