Thursday, January 12, 2017

First Blog Post Ever 9/2000

September 2000
Hello! Welcome to my brand-spankin'-new web page. I plan to use this page as a rant, rave, news, journal-ish space--generally to keep in touch with everyone. If there's a lot going on, you'll see it; if not, you might see bad 7th grade poetry or maybe a love letter or two.  Feel free to shout back comments and critiques by dropping me an email!! 

New stuff:  Today I just heard from Holly Figueroa that I'm now a performing member of the Indiegrrl network, joining loads of fabulously talented grrl singer-songwriter-musicians across the land.  Keep informed on what's going on there by clicking my IG link on OuterSpeace!  Also, I'm so happy to receive "Songwriter Magazine"'s Lyric Award for my song "Cows".  Right now, I'm in the studio recording my latest CD, being produced by the fabulous John Abbey. We've got it about halfway recorded and I'm hoping to have it finished by December, just in time for the holiday rush! You can order preview copies of a few songs on my mp3 site.

I've been able to see some great performers this month. Jenny Bruce, Jo Davidson, Amy Fairchild, Jen Chapin, Morgan Taylor, Debby Schwartz and Michal the Girl.  All have left me happy to be a party of the lowereastside scene.

The leaves are changing at my dog run in Hoboken, NJ (yes, I admit, I'm bridgeandtunnel) and the air is smelling of Autumn. October is my favorite month in the Northeast and I'm looking forward to a few weekends getting out of the city into the foliage. Maybe the Catskills. Maybe Vermont.  Fall reminds me of new school clothes and piles of leaves my father used to rake and watching the golden leaves trickle down a mountain stream. It reminds me of new friends and new beginnings. The end of the humidity and the bad summer action movies.  I wish my apartment had a fireplace...or I had a log cabin in the woods somewhere...ah to be a bit more financially comfortable! Someday...

A friend led me to this quote from the poet Rumi. "He who finds love beneath hurt and grief disappears into emptiness with a thousand new disguises."

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. 


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