Thursday, January 12, 2017

2nd Blog Post Ever. 10/2000

Subway Series Madness

Happy Halloween!  Remember the days when our mother's (or father's) made our costumes rather than simply ordering on-line Goofy outfits from the Disney store? We'd go through the trunk of material scraps and create entire pageants of characters: gypsies, trolls, ghosts, animals.  I always loved being a witch and putting fake warts and moles on my face. Go figure.

I spent the past weekend in Vermont with friends and had the first whiff of chilly nights with chimney fires and the smell of fir trees and forests.  Didn't have time last winter to snowboard, which is one of my top 10 favorite things in life (it might even make the top 5, right behind Kal's pasta sauce, which takes all day to make. For the holidays I'll post the recipe, so check back in December). But this year I swear I will catch big air. Or at least some air. And this year I will stick the landing instead of wiping out on my ass and having every 14 year old boy laugh at me attempting to look "rad".  Gnarly.
Music news:  Lots of people have been downloading my music off the mp3 site. Somehow I've made it onto a NYC pop Top 100 chart. Don't know how, but thanks to all of you who are listening! 
Also, check out which is the online location of KRSE Tulsa, OK (91.3 FM).  Dave Butler, the host of InnerVision, will be playing some of my tunes on his station. This whole internet indie community is just amazing!
John, Jagoda and I are still working on the CD, tentatively titled "Restless" (one of the songs, the state of my mind).  We're 80% finished and really excited about it, but it's turning out to be so much more than I expected so I'm putting off the release date a bit. December or January. I'll keep y'all informed. In the meantime, check my mp3 for updated uploads of new tunes.
Go Yankees. Vote Vote Vote. Gore. Nadar. Whatever. Just not for Bush. Please not for Bush. Remember, the Supreme Court is in danger of more Scalia-types, and Bush has said in his wonderful broken English that he'd make the court more conservative. And if Bush wins, I'll see y'all in Amsterdam.

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