Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happiness (August 28, 2009)


Fresh ground coffee in a French Press at your friend's house after she was quick on the draw with the kleenex box the past few nights when you've needed to release the sore sore heart

A snippet of a melody or a lyric coming in with the rain as you drive to the airport to leave someplace you're learning to like

A nice little wall post from someone you wanted to hear opening

A Tecate at the airport bar with free chips

Ray LaMontagne

The memory of a kiss, still burnt on your lips no matter the time that's passed

New boots

Clean underwear

An expensive, fluffy mattress with a big dog with big ears who cuddles

Drop D tuning

A convertible on a sunny day on a backroad


A clawfoot bathtub


Forward momentum

Sometimes stopping

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