Thursday, January 12, 2017

September 2001 - Nashville


So...just returned from Nashville where a few really cool things happened. Coolest of all was meeting Lucinda Williams at the Goldrush on Elliston Place, actually having a conversation with her and giving her an advance copy of "Fable". My God. I almost peed my pants. Second coolest was playing the Exit/In, which has a huge capacity and the greatest soundman alive, Frank and his co-hort Paul on monitor sound. It was an amazing experience to step out on a very large stage, just me and my acoustic guitar, Jagoda on his drum stage high above me behind. Frank did an artistic job on sound, making me feel like I was a band, not just the Taylor. Right after me played Jonah, a band from Portland, Oregon, who really moved me.  I spent 4 days hearing all sorts of amazing music: Marly Hornik from Brooklyn, Abi Tapia from Maine, Jeremy Wallace from NYC, Anne Mccue from Australia, a cute boy band (of all things to find me at) from Nashville--NJ-3, and my very favorite of all, Sammy J! a 13-year old Jon Benet look a like from London with a twangy accent, slurred s's like an old country hack and the best "Stand By Your Man" since karaoke night. Watch out for her! Star Search beckons....(of course, she'll probably be baring her belly in no time and be plastered across the front of "Rolling Stone" before I can stick my foot in my mouth--the truth is the little girl can sing!).  Jagoda and I found Jack's BBQ on Broadway to be the cheapest and best bet, since we had no car and were stuck with little choice in the way of food. We spent way too much time and money at the Hatch Gallery. And I spent a few minutes pondering my "Star Style" in panels led by country music makeup artists and stylists. Hmmm...think the overalls, un-brushed hair and badass hat did the trick?  Jagoda, Marly and I stayed on Music Row where everything is for rent or sale and not even the Shoney's Inn can get you a $2.99 breakfast since the restaurant is boarded up. Music Row looks like a corporate park, which sort of frightens me, but makes sense. And everyone is a songwriter. I kept hoping to find Shook, my Music City Taxi driver from my first Nashville trip 6 years ago. I'm sure he's still around, singing his tunes in his cab #45. 

I have 1 day for laundry then I'm off to the midwest. From 70's and sunny to Chicago's 50's and windy. Need to re-pack....

Oh. It's official. My band is now The Amy Speace Showmobile. Bearded ladies, barkers and all....


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