Thursday, January 12, 2017

First Folk Alliance, Jacksonville, FL 2002

February 2002

I swear everywhere I turn I'm hearing acoustic guitars, dulcimers, auto harps...
I just returned from the wonderful circus that is the Folk Alliance Conference. I can't believe I didn't go to one of these before now, but I'm so glad that Tom Neff insisted I finally make it.  Went to Jacksonville, Florida, which might as well have been Jersey for the weather. But the rain and 40 degree weather didn't really matter, since the only time I stepped foot oustide of the Adam's Mark Hotel was Thursday night when Walter Parks took a bunch of us out to a Fish Fry (ahhh!! THAT'S why my skin is breaking out now!).  I walked into the hotel with 3 hours sleep, since my CD Release party in NYC was the night before and I was out celebrating with my best friends from high school who drove into see the show (which was soooooooo much fun!!!). So, basically delirious, I enter the madness: every single place you turned was music, music, music. Showcasing in hotel rooms, conference centers, bathrooms, elevators (I kid you not! Some guy was playing accordian in the elevator...just riding up and down...).  From morning to early early morning. I think one night I lasted until 3am and the party was just getting started. Now I know. Next time I train for this like the marathon...

Meeting Tom Paxton. Cool.

Felix McTeigue. My new favorite person on earth. Find his music. Buy it. Make him famous. HE should be. He's one of the most kindhearted, generous, beautiful spirits I have ever met. And a killer songwriter. I cannot get "Magician's Assitant" out of my head. Love him.

Saw & sang with Troy Campbell, my dancing buddy from North Carolina. "You you you you you you you", he's a rockstar waiting to happen.

Cliff Eberhardt. Ellis Paul. Richard Julian. Cathy Braaten. Hillary Epstein. Julia Macklin. Arthur Godfrey. Jenn Adams. Rachael Davis. Buddy M....?. Darryl Purpose. Harry Manx. Phil Roy. Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem. Groovelily.

What a weekend. It's Thursday and I'm still recovering. Kinda nuts. Kinda crazy. But I dug it and, like summer camp, I kind of miss it but I'm also happy to be back in my own bed getting 8 hours of sleep.

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