Sunday, February 12, 2017

Self-Care (a poem)

In this swirling windstorm it’s important to remember a few things--
To stand barefoot or at least to press your toes into the cushion of a sole
To run without headphones to stop up the calling of the birds at dusk
To lay in a warm tub with the faint sounds of chanting riding the lavender air
To sleep in flannel pajamas
To drink water and to eat bananas
To read the sky and to listen to the river
To curl into his arms at night and thank god for the falling that happened after the crash
To take the rage out in laughing
To take the grief out in singing
To take the fear out in softness
And to lie on the wet damp earth with a hound dog lapping at your tear stained face
In this unease it’s important to remember the ground is the bottom 
That’s where your feet belong, not pressed to the top of the circus tent pushing